Well Hello There!

Welcome to my new adventure!  Most of you are probably moving here with me from the blog I kept for the past 7 years, Figuring Out the Plot.

But now that we are in a new chapter of life (and having pictures of the kiddos all over the internet for anyone to see is maybe not ideal), I thought a fresh start and a new blog might be just the thing!

And, so, Little House, Big Life was born.  I plan to just share our big life (minus kid pictures…which of you need your fix you can see plenty of on Facebook or Instagram if you add me) here in our little house in the Panhandle.

I am thinking stories, recipes, money-saving tips, life hacks, parenting discussions, my thoughts on current events, running and fitness, who knows what else.

With that intro…welcome to our little house, big life.  Glad to have you along for the ride!

Front porch view here at the Little House

6 thoughts on “Well Hello There!

  1. Your blog was first time I ever followed one… and I so remember when that was: a ski trip! Crazy how life moves along. I look forward to this new era.


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