A Little About Me

My name is Tiffany and Husband and I live in a little town in the Texas Panhandle in our Little House on 10 acres with our two adorable babies, two dogs, six cows, and a ram (of the sheep variety) who is currently visiting.


Those adorementioned babies are our 15-month old son, a red headed tornado we will call BB here, and the sweetest 2 month old little girl who we will call LL.  They are by far our greatest adventure.

I am a New Mexican farm girl, Oklahoma State alum (Go Pokes!), Christian, lawyer, traveler, runner, football fanatic, and reader.  I love livestock, chocolate chip cookies, Texas Country music, and San Francisco.

 If I have the remote and there is no football and on, I enjoy Chopped, Fixer Upper, Chicago Fire, and re-runs of Friends, MASH, Grey’s Anatomy, and ER.  (Seriously, those were tv glory days!)

I have my dream job, working in agricultural law helping to educate Texas producers and landowners about their rights.

I am blessed beyond belief and am excited to share a bit of my big life with you.


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