Little House Tour (Master Suite)

When we bought this house 2 years ago, it was 900 square feet.  Soon after, we found out we were pregnant and decided we might need some more room.  So we added on another 900 square feet to make it the perfect 3 bedroom, 2 bath home for us.

I thought a tour of the Little House might be a good way to start this blog.

We will do this in pieces because, let’s be real.  I have a 15 month old and having more than one room picked up at a time doesn’t happen. 

Let’s kick things off with the master suite (since that’s what Joanna always calls it on Fixer Upper, I am going with it).

Husband designed everything for the builder and I absolutely love it.   We went with grey and yellow for our colors.

The four windows make it so bright.

Husband’s antique desk is partially covered now in photos we have had to move from low shelves and little hands…ah, parenthood!

I am obsessed with gallery walls, and I love how this turned out. 

Husband had this bed when we got married.  We got a new Temperpedic mattress (it’s heaven) and the pillows were wedding gifts.


This little kneeler is something I found in Dallas shortly after seeing my favorite Saint’s (St. John Paul II) kneeler at a museum in Poland. It has become a little alter for my favorite saints.

When people come visit,they literally “ooh” and “ahh” over this bathroom.  We went with turquoise (towels) and tan.

The shower may be my favorite thing in the house.  We opted for a big shower and no tub and it’s fantastic.

And finally, our walk in closet. 

Stay tuned for more!  

5 thoughts on “Little House Tour (Master Suite)

  1. Love the altar area ! What’s that French word for kneeler? Starts with a “p?” Prie Dieu ? Love all your saints and stuff.


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