Book Report: Love That Boy

Author: Ron Fournier

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Favorite Quotes:

“From their first breath-if not sooner-our dreams for our children are at least in the ballpark of perfect, because great grades, championship trophies, lots of friends, and professional success lead to happiness, right? Actually, no. When a parent’s expectations come from the wrong place and are pressed into service of the wrong goals, kids get hurt.”

“First I had to learn to love my boy for who he was, rather than who I wanted him to be.”

“We should measure our children not by the mountains they conquer but by their efforts to climb. Oh–and let them pick which hills to scale.”

“What do I ultimately want did my kids? I want them to pursue the happiness that is found in goodness. On a day off, I want them to bring outgrown clothes to a bad neighborhood.”

“There are no small victories in parenting. Only victories.”

“My parents had big expectations for me. They wanted me to be what I wanted to become.”


If you know me in real life, you are probably sick to death of me talking about how great I thought this book was.  I have recommended it to pretty much everyone I know. 

The book is written by the father of a boy on the Autism spectrum.  The dad is a political writer who took trips with his son to study several different Presidents in an effort to connect.  What he found–heck, what I think all parents find–is that his son teaches him more than he teaches his son.  It is, essentially, a book about coping woth (and overcoming) parental expectations. 

In my mind, it’s a must read for all parents, moms and dads alike. 

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