Christmas 2016

Christmas came and went in a whirlwind. BB was old enough to understand the idea of opening presents, so watching him do that was a riot.

We decided to just put up a tree this year and skip the rest of the decorations.  With two babies (way) under two, I just didn’t have the time or energy.  

Knowing BB, we knew the teee would need to be under lock and key, so we ordered a baby gate and that worked quite well!  He absolutely loved the tree and didn’t seem to mind looking from afar.  Each morning I let him in to turn on the lights and admire the gifts and the ornaments. 

My friend Lyndse made these awesome Santa sacks for each of the kids.  Not only are they adorable, but it saved Santa from having to wrap lots of presents! He just stuffed them in the sack. And he appreciated that. 

Check out Sweet Sager Designs on Facebook or Instagram to get yours

Speaking of Santa, he came early and delivered a big gift for a little boy…a teepee!  {This is it, but we got it on major sale.} It has been used some as a teepee, but also as a mountain to climb and a large object to drag around. Hoping as B.B. gets older, he will use it more.

We have started a little tradition with the kids of getting them Christmas pjs and a book or movie.  This year, the kiddos got matching deer pjs and the book selection was Tractor Mac Saves Christmas. So they can use them for more than just one day, we gave them on the Feast of St. Nicholas and plan to continue that in the coming years. 

Jammies from Carter’s.

Also on the tradition front, we made these ornaments last year for BB and decided to do a different version for LL.

We decided to have Christmas for just the four of us at home on Friday before we hit the road to see the families.  I love celebrating with just our little family, and from a practical standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to haul gifts for each other all over and then back home.

Husband got binoculars and an embroidered pullover.  BB got clothes, a tractor and grain cart, and cowboy boots.  LL for some clothes and sweet moccasins.  And I was completely surprised with this beautiful, handmade necklace.  The beads are Navajo pearls, each made by hand and the two turquoise stones represent the two kids.  I have never loved any Christmas gift more. 

He got it from the folks at Acquisitions, Antiques and Collectables on Facebook

Saturday morning we headed to see Husband’s family first and had Christmas at his mom’s house and his Nana’s with the extended family.  Gifts there included customized Rtic coffee mugs, blocks, a John Deere excavator, a giant Jenga set, and lots of clothes for the kiddos! 

Then we loaded up and went to my parents’, arriving just in time for Christmas Eve church.  We spent most of the service in the back or down the hall with BB running around laughing and talking.  We then had our traditional Christmas dinner of tamales, posole, and beans with our neighbors. 

BB was in heaven with all of his gifts, but in particular he loved his giant combine from Uncle Denton.  

I think his favorite gift, however, was this activity cabinet his Granddad made.  I showed my dad this activity board on Pinterest. 

But he took it to a whole new level with this cabinet.  Not only is there a mirror, flash light, whistle, and light switch, but multiple cubbies each with a different latch and fun toys inside.  BB has already played with this for hours!

Christmas Day we headed home and we are still trying to get everything unpacked and unloaded! 

We are so grateful for the people in our lives who love us and our little ones so much. To say we are spoiled is an understatement. And, of course, we are blessed to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.  It is the only gift that really matters.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!

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