Little House Tour (Kids’ Room) 

Today we will continue our tour of our little house.  (If you missed the first post, click here.

We only have 3 bedrooms and since we live in a town with no hotels, keeping a guest room was important to me.  So, we decided for now the kids would share a room.  It’s small, but for now it seems just right!

They each have their own side.  BB has his bed and LL has the crib.  They share a dresser that actually was mine as a kid that Husband repainted and redid. 

On BB’s side, we have his name (sweet gift from my former secretary and friend!) and a little gallery collage of farm animals.  

Letters from Etsy, canvas prints from Texas Trio in Amarillo
His bed is a twin with no box springs and rails that Husband made to be sure he won’t fall off. Said rails work perfectly as a ladder, turns out…  

Bedding from JC Penny, bed from Chuck’s Rustic Furniture in Amarillo

Over the bed hangs a painting of Husband’s horse done by my parents’ super talented neighbor and a prayer card for The Infant of Prague.

On LL’s side, we have her crib, decorated with a John Deere quilt made by my aunt and a cute blankie from her great grandma.  Her name letters, again, came from my friend, Deb!  I found the pink print at Hobby Lobby and thought it was perfect.

In the corner we have a side table for playing and storing the massive stuffed animal collection they have. 

Finally, we have a quilt rack that holds all of the beautiful (mostly handmade) quilts that people have given the kiddos.

I am excited with how we were able to decorate for both kids in the same space.  Hopefully, they love it as well! 

5 thoughts on “Little House Tour (Kids’ Room) 

  1. I love it! Those letters are great, and I think you’ve done a great job making the room work for both kids. I love the quilt rack idea – you can store those gorgeous quilts and display them at the same time.


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