Marry the Good Guy

This weekend, I was grumpy.  Husband was not home much.  Instead, he was busy helping kids at a local livestock jackpot.  And as I tried to keep our two kids (15 months and 2 months) alive and hour house standing and food cooked, it was fairly easy for me to get annoyed that he was not here helping me. 

And then I realized, the reason I was home alone was that I married the good guy.  

Photo by Britt Fisk Photography

The guy who would spend 9 hours of his time on a Saturday shearing sheep for every kid in the county.  The guy who would fork over a $20 when a kid was short on entry fee money.  The guy who gives pep talks after classes don’t go the way you wanted, and high fives when they do.  

I’ve seen him lose sleep over someone being treated wrong, rush in to help friends who I am not sure would do the same, and not think twice about giving someone the shirt off his back. 

There are lots of things that go into finding the right spouse.  It’s the most important decision you ever make.  My advice, girls?  Marry the good guy.  Let the other details fall where they may. 

And maybe don’t be grumpy when he’s gone all weekend. 😬

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