Couponing Apps: Ibotta

I love me some coupons.  But it seems like the coupons coming in the Sunday paper like in the good ol’ days has passed.  Recently, I got started using a few online couponing apps.  It’s the same idea as clipping from the paper, just more high tech. 

My favorite is Ibotta. I have been using it  for about a month each and have already earned $25 in savings!

(I also use Checkout51 and Mobisave–referral code for Mobisave is PFPLZCPW if you join!–blogs on those coming soon).

  Ibotta seems to be the best one I have found, because it has the most offers, and the best signing bonus and referral payment. 

To get started, all you do is download the app (or log onto your computer), create an account, and you are ready!  

When you set up your account, put in my referral code [hcixwgc]  if you don’t mind so I can get a little credit! 

Once you are signed up, you just select whatever store you are going to and then browse the list if availablecoupons and unlock any that you want to use. 

After that, you go shopping like normal.  When you are done, you will click “verify purchases” and that will have you scan the product bar code and take a photo of the receipt. 

And that’s that!  They credit the value of the coupons you use to your account, and when you get to $20, you can have it put into pay pal or get a gift card. 

If anyone needs help getting started, let me know!

Quick Summary

How it works:  You unlock coupons (i.e. $1 off Pampers diapers) and after you purchase the product, you scan the bar code and take a picture of your receipt. 

Bonus: When you redeem your first offer, you get a $10 credit!

Referral payment: If you refer a friend, you get $5 when they first use the app.

How you get paid: once you earn $25, you can have it transferred to your pay pal account or get a gift card to one of several stores of your choice.

My referral link/code:  Click here to sign up and enter this code [hcixwgc] when they ask!


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