Enjoying Your 10 Cows 

This is another in our Best Blogs of 2016 series previously posted on Figuring Out The Plot.

My friend Jerry is quite the philosopher. You might not expect this if you saw him, as he would likely be wearing boots and jeans, talking to you with an unassuming smile, and maybe drinking a Natty Light. But over the years I have heard many pearls of wisdom come out of his mouth.
My favorite, though, is the most recent. 

We were talking at BB’s birthday about the little cow herd we are building. Jerry told us that he now only has 10 cows. “Some big rancher I am, huh?” 

But, he said, he enjoys them. When he goes to feed, he can pet half of them. He likes to see the calves come every year. And then, the pearl….

“You know, I bet you I get more enjoyment from my 10 cows than {a certain big rancher we know} gets from his 2,500 cows.” 

And that really struck me… I hope that I live my life in that same way that Jerry thinks about his cows. 

I hope I can get more enjoyment out of my life than someone who might have “more.” I want to feel more appreciation, more love, and more gratitude even if the material things we have are less. I hope I will always enjoy what we have, whether that be 10 cows or a little house or an older vehicle. I want to appreciate sunsets more. To enjoy small family trips even though others are taking extravagant European adventures. I want to remember where we started when the list of house projects left to do seem overwhelming. I want to be thankful for the little moments, like BB’s laughter or Husband’s grin, or the cows running towards us with the cake bucket. I hope that when I wish we had more–land or money or stuff or time–I will remember to be grateful for that which we have been given.  

I hope that I–like Jerry–always enjoy my 10 cows. And I wish the same for all of you. 


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