Little House Tour (Guest bedroom and bath)

And the tour continues!  
When we first bought the house, this was our master.  Now, I am not sure how we fit our king sized bed in there at all!  Ah, we were newlyweds and so happy to be living together….now we are old married folk who need their space!

So here we have our guest room. 

It is the only room in the house with carpet.  We re-carpeted when we moved in…hindsight we should have just waited and done the laminate wood floors like the rest of the house.

We got the bed at Bazulla in Amarillo.  The bedding was mine before we got married and is from JC Penny.  

Just to be sure it’s not too girly, there is a hide from a deer Husband shot hanging on the headboard. 

In one corner is my quilt rack that holds some of my favorite quilts. 

And my hope chest that belonged to my Gran.  My grandpa gave it to her, as you can see from the little inscription under the lid. It holds lots of treasures, chief among them, Gran’s favorite hat. 

The closet is storage for things like my tub of gift bags and tissue paper I have saved, yet-to-be-needed baby items for LL (like the walker and jumper), and my impressive diaper stash. {Speaking of, I share diaper deals and coupons every Monday on Instagram @littlehousebiglife}

This painting was a gift to Husbsnd from his Nana.  It was painted by his very beloved great grandmother and is actually of his Grandpa.  It was a very special gift.

The guest bath is small, but it was re-done cute when we bought the house so other than re-doing some old plumbing, we didn’t have to touch this room. 


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