Discovering Podcasts 

Well, as usual, I am late to the party.  Last week I learned about podcasts.  And how to listen to them on my phone.  Y’all.  My life is changed. I can listen while driving or running or feeding babies…just by clicking an icon!

In case you are slow like me, here is a step by step on how you can find and listen to podcasts on your phone. 

See that little purple icon in the top right corner of my screen?  That’s for podcasts, as the label might suggest.

So you click that icon and you go into your subscriptions.  When you start, it will be blank.  So you can go to the search option in the bottom right corner and find podcasts you want to listen to. 

Search by name or speaker or topic–whatever.  I, personally, have only added a few so far:

  • Hobo for Christ:  This is my real life friend Meg.  She’s awesome.  Hasn’t had a new one in a while (she’s been in Italy) but you can listen to her vintage stuff!  She is Catholic and her podcast is pretty much all reglgious focused. 
  • The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.  Someone recommended this and I love it.  I have listened to like 6 episodes already! She is awesome, honest, down to earth, and has great guests.  I want to be her real life friend.  Who knows her and can introduce me??  I’d say Christian women are her main audience aim.  Listen to her one with Rachel Cruz.  I loved it!
  • Ted Talks.  I love listening to Ted Talks and this is an easy way to hear them!
  • Good Life Project.  Haven’t listened yet. 
  • Dave Ramsey. I enjoy his radio show, so this should get me my fill.

What are your favorite podcasts?

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