Go Home and Love Your Family

Here is the next post in our Best of 2016 series. This post was first published on Election Day on Figuring Out the Plot. Re-publishing it on Inauguration Day seems fitting. 

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” -St. Teresa of Calcutta
By the end of today, about half of my friends will be happy, while the other half will be in despair. Most of us will just be glad the 2016 election is over. 

So what are we to do now?
Go home and love our families.  

What we do in our own house will affect the world more than what gets done in the White House.  

Raise your children with the values you were looking for in a President. Love your spouse in a way that honors the institution of marriage. Help your neighbor. Smile at a stranger. Support those causes you have spent months arguing about on Facebook. Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Donate to an crisis pregnancy group. Be an usher at your church. Raise kids–whether yours or someone else’s–who know that both lying and name calling are wrong, even if you are running for President. 

This country is made up not of political parties and platforms and debate answers. It is made up of people and families and communities. If each of us made an effort to make a difference in our little part of the world, the entire world would change, one difference at a time. 
So whether you celebrate or lament tonight, what happens tomorrow is up to you. Go be the difference this country needs. 


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