Local Stock Show

It didn’t take me long to be ready to write off the entire nation on Friday morning.  Everyone on the news, on social media, heck even in the gas station was upset.  Some cursed Trump.  Others cursed Obama.  Everyone cursed.  I was quite discouraged about my fellow Americans and the future of our country. 

And then, I headed to the very best place I could have possibly gone in my weary state.  There was nothing better for my soul than to walk into our local stock show.

While I was there, I saw the traits I feel like America so badly needs to find. 

I saw community.  Kids fiercely competing in the ring, and hugging each other as they walked out.  Kids who probably don’t fit in all the time laughing and joking with the other students.  Neighbors helping each other get animals ready for the ring.  Ag teachers and 4-H agents making a difference in these kids’ lives.

I saw family.  Parents and kids working together on their projects.  Grandparents  in the stands rooting for their favorite exhibitors.  Siblings high fiving after winning a class.

 I saw patriotism.  An American flag hanging in the show barn.  The colors presented as the National Anthem was sung.

I saw faith.  A prayer before the festivities began.  Bowed heads in the middle of the chaos.

I saw people come together to help in a crisis.   When a precious special needs child was missing, the barn cleared out and everyone there was helping to look, whether they knew him or not. 

You want to have faith in the future of America? You go to a show.  Look around and see what you see.

When these kids are ready to run things, the world will be in good hands.  We have taught them well.  One show animal at a time.


5 thoughts on “Local Stock Show

  1. Love this article! You said it; community! Not necessarily the community inside the city limit signs, but the groups of like-minded people. I’m convinced there are these little niches of community all over our country, Ag, civic or professional, the mantra of which are based upon, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” THAT’s why you saw the faith, heard the prayer, saw the flag and anthem respected, witnessed comrararie smiles, hugs and ‘high fives’, and the joint effort for the helpless. And you witnessed that because a community of individuals understood their duty to do good, where they were, while they could. The importance of America is not in its groups, rather in its individuals, being American, with pride and gratefulness for the opportunity!


  2. So true. I attended the auction this weekend and I agree, the kids that participated showed the upmost of respect for their animals and everyone that was there rooting them on. So proud of this generation of FFA teens.


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