Couponing Apps: Checkout 51

I’m back with another coupon app to share with y’all today!  If you missed my prior post about Ibotta, click here.

As I said about Ibotta, Checkout 51 is essentially like clipping coupons from the newspaper, except you do it on your phone or computer.  As compared to Ibotta, Checkout 51 does not have nearly as many deals, but you don’t have to scan your purchases.  So, there are pros and cons to both.  It seems like Checkout 51 has a lot of groceries and personal care products like shampoo.

So let’s walk through this.  You just download their app (or create an account on the computer) and before you go shopping (or as you shop), you can scroll through the different coupons.  If you see one you like, you can click the star on the right and it will be saved for you.

If you buy one of the items for which they have a coupon, you just snap a photo of your receipt and upload it in the app there on the bottom where it says “Upload Receipt.”  Super easy.

Quick Summary

How it works:  You unlock coupons (i.e. $1 off Pampers diapers) and after you purchase the product, you take a photo of your receipt in the app and it uploads.

When updated coupons are posted:  Every Thursday morning, the new list of offers come out.

Bonus:  Once you sign up and redeem your first coupon, you get a $5 credit from Checkout 51.

Referral payment:  They currently do not have a referral bonus for people (which stinks because I’d be rick from everyone I’ve told!)

How you get paid:  Once you have $20 in your account, you can request a check be mailed to you.


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