Real Life

Everyone knows that what we see on social media is not “real life.”  Instead, it’s a highlight reel.  Our best outfits.  Fanciest recipes.  Cleanest house.  And that’s all fine, except that when we are looking at other people, it’s so easy to forget that.  While I am sitting here in my sweats with three daybold hair eating grated cheese out of the bag because I am starving but too tired to cook, it’s hard not to look on Facebook or Instagram at women in ball gowns or on fancy vacations or with houses that look like a pottery barn and not be super envious of their lives.  

So…I decided I would share some real life with you today. 

What you see:  That is the healthy, well balanced, homemade dinner I cooked last Monday, after working all day.  Baked chicken, wild rice, spinach salad, fresh fruit. 

What you don’t:  I was so tired after making that dinner that I did not clean up a single thing in my kitchen that night and I was too busy trying to get us all out the door do so anything with it the next morning.  24-hour-old dirty pans were everywhere.  And the next day after working so hard on this healthy dinner, I had frozen mac and cheese for lunch. 

What you see: This clean, organized, decorated nursery. 

What you don’t see: BB drug the basket of stuffed animals out and threw literally Every. Single. One. On the floor.  He followed that up with taking all of his sisters clothes out of the drawer and shoving two pacifiers behind his headboard. 

What you see: A photo of me in my favorite outfit and shoes. 

What you don’t see: More often, I am dressed more like this…

Real life is not so glamorous around here.

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