10 Newborn Must Haves (Updated)

Well, now that I am two kids in, I figured an updated “Must Have” list was necessary.  If you have friends having little ones, feel free to share.  The registry process is super overwhelming, so maybe this will help a bit.

These are items I cannot live without.  My two kids could not be more different (one boy, one girl; one hot natured, one freezing; one with reflux, the other with no issues), but these have worked well with both!

Diapers. Duh, you are saying. First decision is cloth or disposable. I think poop is disgusting so disposable was a given. My kids have been fine in either Pampers or Huggies, but when I tried to switch BB to the Target brand, he broke out in a bad rash.  My advice is to build up a good stash of diapers before the baby comes.  Go easy on the Newborn size because they do not stay in those too long and you can get a bunch of free ones at the hospital!  If you keep an eye out (follow me on Instagram @littlehousebiglife and I share them!) you can find great sales, coupons, and rebates on diapers.  I try and never pay over $.20 per diaper, and often I can get them down lower than $.15 per.

Diaper pail. If you don’t want your room to smell like poo, get a diaper pail. There are all different kinds. We have an Arm & Hammer one I like quite well. It’s bigger than the diaper genie so you don’t have to dump it as often. Also register for bag refills for whichever pail you choose. That’s the only downside to our Arm & Hammer bag, sometimes it is hard to find refills in the store.

Pacifiers.  I thought everyone used a pacifier. I now know it’s controversial. Whatever…my kids both use one! We like the Mam brand that are flat on the  front so if they are sleeping on you or something the binky doesn’t Jan them in the face.  Get plenty. These things will grow legs and walk off I swear, so you want to have lots of then around!  Also, once they get older, Mam has a larger size.

Burp Cloths.  However many you think you need, get double. Then probably double it again. If your kid spits up as much as BB did with his reflux, you need lots to avoid doing laundry three times a day! Our favorite are the ones that are actually cloth diapers. We have done of those that people sewed cute material down the middle and some that are just plain cloth diapers. They seem to be the most absorbent.

Plenty of bottles. If you are feeding with a bottle, get plenty.  I would have at least 6 or more.  When you are exhausted and finally get that baby to sleep, you do not want to have to wash bottles all the time in order to feed him or her again in 3 hours.  As for type, both my kids have done well with the Medela bottles.

Sleepers or gowns that are easy to get in and out of in the dark.  Confession: My kids do not look like they are from Baby Gap. But sleepers keep them warm and cozy and are easy to get off and on. Unless they have buttons, which are the devil. Sleepers with zippers is the way to go.  With LL, we got some cute sleeping gowns that work great, until the baby gets too tall and their poor feet stick out and get cold.  But for a couple months, I loved these!

Husband’s cousin got us this adorable gown from Etsy

Something your kid will sit in. Swing, bouncer, mamaroo, nap nanny, we have tried it all. Probably the best liked and most convenient for us is the boppy newborn napper or the chair that disconnects from our swing.  Whatever works, just get something where your kid will sit so you can have two hands for  things like cooking or going to the bathroom.

Swaddle blankets. My sweet friend, Britt, told me to get Aiden and Anias bamboo swaddle blankets and not bother with anything else.  As usual, she was right. We love them. They are great for swaddling but also just as blankets especially in the summer or if your kid is hot natured.
Car seat cover.  If you have a winter baby, get one of these for sure.  I did not have one with BB, but got one with LL and it’s the absolute best.  Mine cost less than $20 from Amazon.  It fits on the car seat so you do not have to take it on and off, plus you can put th cover down over baby’s face when you are out in the cold or in public with germy people.

Gas drops. Baby gas is no freaking joke. Whoever invented these deserves the Nobel Prize. They are a must have in your cabinet for the first couple months of life.

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