Helping a Refugee Family

The Syrian Refugee crisis absolutely breaks my heart.  I am not exaggerating when I say I have lost sleep and shed tears numerous times thinking about the absolute hell these people are going through.  I know that somehow, this issue has become political, and frankly I think most of the rhetoric going around is inaccurate.  In my mind, politics aside, we have to take the time to really see the suffering of the poor people in the Middle East.  Here are a couple of articles that have really shaped my thoughts on this issue and have been instrumental in placing this calling on my heart.

Love in a Time of Refugees “You have to understand, that no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.”

Dear Children of Aleppo “The world can’t afford to lose you, Children of Aleppo.  We can’t afford to lose the music only you can make, the ideas only you have, the inventions and dreams and hope the world can only be if we do whatever it takes to keep you with us here and from the relentless hound of death and its screaming bombs.”

Jamie Ivey podcast with Ann Voskamp  Listen to the last 15 minutes or so of this podcast, where Ann shares about her family helping a refugee family settle in Canada.  It’s life-changing and a good reminder of what kindness can do.

Honestly, if my life looked different in this season, I’d probably want to be on a plane to Syria to do something.  I’ve been looking for an opportunity to help, and I’m excited about the one I have found.

There is an organization, based in Colorado, called Humanwire.  It is set up to pair refugee families fleeing Syria with “hosts” who help lead campaigns to raise money and get them items that they need.  Additionally, if folks are interested in helping this family–even with small donations–there is an opportunity to have direct contact with the family.  We can talk with them on the phone and mail items directly to them.  I have signed up to host a precious family (more about them below) and am going to be soliciting monetary donations and useful items for them.


Now….the family for whom I have volunteered to serve as the host.


This sweet family of four (almost 5) are from Syria.  The father is 26 years old, the mother is 21, their two sweet kids are 3 (a girl) and 2 (a boy), and they have a baby on the way.  They lived in the Syrian countryside, but when bombing started in their hometown, and their children were terrified and constantly crying, the parents fled to Lebanon, where they now live in a refugee camp.  Eventually, they want to return to their home in Syria, if the war ever ends.

Right now, they have some very basic needs.  Medical treatment for the pregnancy, a refrigerator for their tent, carpet for their tent, clothing for the children, a washing machine, and a doll for their daughter.

Don’t miss this here…this is a family living in a plastic tent in a country that is not their own.  They are raising two little ones and shortly will be having a baby in a plastic tent.  They want carpet.  They want clothing for their kids.  They want prenatal treatment.

And I am going to do my best to be sure they get these things.

I need your help.

There are basically three options to help.

(1) You can make a monetary donation. The money will be given to them to purchase their needs like the carpet and fridge and washing machine.  Please view the Humanwire page   here.

(2)  If you want to pay for items to be directly delivered to them (rather than boxing them up and shipping them yourself, click here. They have a lot of options like food and clothing, and the great part about this is it gets there fast and you don’t pay shipping.

(3)  You can gather up some stuff and send them directly to the family.  Let me know if you need the info for how to do it!  This is good for stuff that’s not on the online store.  I just went and got a doll and stuffed animal, some warm hats, and some socks to send them.

 If you don’t want to do a credit card there or can’t figure it out, contact me in the comments below, text me, email me…and I will be sure we can get your help to them.


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