If Jamie Ivey Interviewed Me…

Y’all.  I am obsessed with my girl Jamie Ivey and her podcast, The Happy Hour.  She lives in Austin.  I’m not even kidding when I say if anyone knows her and can get me the hook up, I will love you forever.  I am probably not cool enough to be on her show, but maybe I can like buy her tacos in Austin one day or something.  So, that said, hook me up if you have a contact.  FOR REAL.

Anyway, she does a podcast called “Happy Half Hour” where she asks her guests a list of questions each time.  I’ve been thinking about how I’d answer the same questions and decided that I’d just write them down.  Here we go.

If you don’t listen to this podcast, it will change your life.  Seriously.  Here’s a link to her page!


What is something that you’ve read or watched lately that you cannot stop recommending to people?

Okay, I’m still raving about the book “Love That Boy” that I read last year.  I wrote about it here and, seriously, I  feel like it’s a must-read for parents.  I also really loved “For the Love” by Jen Hatmaker.  (Who, by the way, Jen is real life friends with Jamie and the thought of having tacos with them both one day in Austin is basically my dream in life right now.  I’d probably be so excited, I’d faint.)

On the tv front, I’m still such a huge Chicago Fire fan.  It’s about the only show that I keep up with these days.

How do you recharge?

The gym.  I’m telling you, I am just a better person when I get 30 minutes of exercise.  I don’t know if it’s the sweat or the endorphin or what, but something flips a switch in me when I’m done running and it cures me.  I’m hoping that as the weather gets nicer, I can get outside and run maybe even with the kids in our double stroller some!


If you could go back and tell your 20 year old self something, what would you tell her?

Lighten up and enjoy the journey.  Looking back now, man, my 20’s were the life.  I could sleep in on Saturdays and watch whatever I wanted on tv and travel to wherever and eat Wheat Thins for dinner….it was good times.  I think that sometimes we are so caught up on looking for the next chapter–the husband or babies or kids in school or new job or whatever–that we miss the chance to really enjoy the journey and embrace the great parts of the now.italy

What do you want your legacy to be when you’re gone?

I think I want people to say that I loved well.  In the end, I really feel like that’s what really matters.  Loving my family.  Loving other people.  Loving Jesus.  I just think all of the other stuff is just….stuff.  So I hope that I can spend my time loving well.

What equals success to you?

I think this is the hardest question that she asks.  I thought about this one for a long time, but I think for me, success is when I am able to help someone else.  Whether that be me helping someone through a legal issue at work, or offering advice to a kid who thinks they might want to go to law school, or somehow having become the person that other moms with new babies call with questions when they just don’t know what to do…I feel successful when I am able to help someone else.

What’s a pet peeve that you have?

Okay, a lot of people on the show say they can’t come up with anything for this  question…Shoot, I bet I have 15.  For now, I’m going with cupcakes that look like other food, you know how they make a cupcake that looks like a hamburger or a corn cob or something.  I know this is a popular thing, but I hate it.  HATE it.  I want my cupcakes to look like cupcakes and my hamburgers to look like hamburgers.

If you could live anywhere for the next year, where would it be and why?

San Francisco.  It’s my absolute favorite city.  I worked there for a summer in law school and it was just life-changing for me.  I had a job offer there when I finished school and ended up turning it down and taking another path, so having the opportunity to live for a year in San Francisco would almost be like seeing what things would have been like had I chosen the road not taken.


What is a goal that you have for yourself this next year?

I’ve got a “10 in ’17 list” of goals that I previously published on the blog here.  The two key ones for me are getting Uncle Buddy’s book published (deadline to have it to the publisher is March 31!) and running a race.  This post-partum running thing is no freakin’ joke and I’m really hoping to get myself in shape well enough to at least do a 5K and hopefully a half marathon this year.




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