Minding Our Business

Mr. Stevens,
I was greatly disappointed to read your editorial addressing “the James neighbors” and suggesting they “mind their own business” with regard to the proposed borehole project. Not only was the content frustrating, but the tone was rude and unprofessional. I would expect more from an editor of multiple newspapers.

First, I think it very unfair to paint a picture that in order to be concerned about the borehole project (and the deceitful actions of the company proposing said project), one has to be anti-the James family. I love the James clan and have, gosh, my entire life. I went to the prom and on countless ski trips with their youngest son. I have gotten great advice on mothering from their daughter. I have never seen Mrs. James and not been greeted with a hug. I will absolutely guarantee you, if I saw her tomorrow, borehole or not, the same would be true. Let me be very clear: I am not now, nor will I ever be, against that family. Nor are the vast majority of concerned citizens.

Second, my family owns a farm in Quay County and my children will be the fourth generation to work the soil that their great grandparents purchased nearly 60 years ago. And you better believe that protecting that land, environment, and water is not only my business, but my responsibility. And one that my family and I take very seriously, as do so many other Quay County residents. Voicing questions and concerns over a proposed drilling project is doing just that.

Finally, before attacking one side involved in this, please consider the number of inconsistent statements made by Enercon, the company proposing the project. Numerous times, they have been caught speaking out of both sides of their mouths, being inconsistent (at best), and misconstruing statements and positions of others. Regardless of the nature of their project, their actions would raise concern from me, period.

I believe you owe the residents of Quay County an apology, Mr. Stevens. Because in seeking to protect their land, their water, their families, and their livelihood, I would say they are “minding their business” quite well.

Tiffany D. Lashmet

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