Bridesmaid Dress History

This summer, I was a bridesmad for what I assume will be the final time since, you know, I am old and all.  I thought it might be fun to look back on my dress collection.

Sadly, I have no photo of my first experience, when I stood up and signed as “best man” at the court where I worked for a pregnant couple who the judge married while she was in labor. Not even kidding.

Now for the “normal” weddings I have been in…


This still goes down as one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to. Wedding at plum orchard on her family’s ranch, reception at fire station.


This requires two photos so you can see the dress. Second photo is re-enactment of when the limo left with the rings still inside. We chased him down.


The Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces NM is a beautiful venue–views of Organ Mountains are killer.

2012 (A busy wedding year!)

When my best firend toed the knot, he and his sweet wife asked me to stand with him on his side. I deemed myself a “groom’s ma’am” and also attended my only bachelor party.
This wedding was adorable and I loved that the bride had a short dress, which she always wanted, and the colors were OSU orange. Go Pokes!
This was the fanciest wedding I have been in, and it was held at the Gaylord Texan. My favorite part may have been the cotton candy in martini glasses.

2013 (The year of me being Maid of Honor)

This was my first destination wedding. If you get the chance to go to Friday Harbour, you must go. Amazing!
I bet you I sang “My cousin’s getting married at the Methodist Church” in my best Reba voice 500 times. Also, I was almost in a plane crash and Husband met my family for the first time.


If there ever was a Pinterest dream wedding, this was it, beautiful wooden barn and all!


The bride is a photographer and there was just never a more photographic wedding than this one. Add to it the absolute blast we had floating the river and my handsome escort down the aisle and it was just about perfection!


3 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Dress History

  1. This chronicle is great. I’m a fan of pictorial timelines ( there was a time that the Old Testament Patriarchs marched around our living room walls. Chronologically, sequentially… just like you!)
    When I was little, much of my dress up wardrobe was Mother’s former wedding attendant dresses.


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