2018…A Verse and a Word

I have been working on my 2018 goals for a couple of weeks and I have struggled. I wanted to find a balance between realistic yet challenging. Fun and important. And given my track record when I do a list of a ton of random ideas over the last two years…well, I needed to change things up!

In the end, I decided to go with a Bible verse to focus on and a word to aspire to as we kick off the new year.

“To everything there is a season. A time and purpose under Heaven.”

This verse from Ecclesiastes 3 has long been one of my very favorites. I feel like it always came up in my younger years at funerals and I called upon it in times of mourning.

Recently, however, I have began to read it in a new way. Our lives have seasons. We have some seasons where we can do things like train for half marathons and spend an hour reading our Bible at Adoration several nights a week. And then, there are seasons where it is all we can do to get dinner on the table before we are stuck trying to get two toddlers to fall (and stay!) asleep. The purpose we have and the goals we can (and should) achieve differ by season. And man, do I ever find solace in that.

There are items I hope to have on my goal list again one day that just aren’t realistic now. I will almost certainly not blog 100 times this year. There is going to be no half marathon in 2018. I won’t be taking two-week long trips to Europe again and goodness knows that fancy suits and cute shoes won’t be a daily occurrence at the office. It’s not the season. And I want to focus on that being okay. I want to understand that my purpose in this season looks different. That it will include wiping noses and changing diapers and cuddling babies. I want to spend the next 365 days embracing this concept.


My friend April always chooses a word for the new year. Her recent blog on her 2018 choice gave me goosebumps. As I thought and prayed about choosing a word of my own, “intentional” kept coming to mind.

I want to be more intentional in how I live my life. In how I spend my time and money. About how I treat people and how I love my family. About what I put in my body. About my relationships and my time with God, however that may look in this season.

And, so, with this verse and word in mind, I have worked up a short list of 10 goals for 2018.

  • Meal plan. It saves us time and money and we eat healthier. It’s win win win all around if I just take the time each week to make a plan. I have been doing better about this for the last couple months and feel like it fits right with the goal of intentionality.
  • Budget. We have gotten lax on the old Excel spreadsheet and tracking where all our dolla dolla bills are going. Time to get more intentional about where we spend and invest our money.
  • Prayer and Bible reading. On a recent episode of Jamie Ivey’s podcast, Kat Lee talked about how sometimes women feel like if they don’t have an hour for quiet time with God and reading the Bible, they just shouldn’t even bother to do anything. And she pointed out that our time with God looks different in various seasons. It’s the whole “don’t let perfection be the enemy of good” idea. Talk about speaking right to me! However it looks this season, wherever it happens, I want to be more intentional with my prayer and Bible reading, imperfect as it may be.
  • Hit the gym. The gym (or even better–running outside!) is my therapy. I need to go. My body and soul crave it. But in the last several months when life just got out of hand, I let this go. I won’t be there every day and I don’t plan on training for any big race, but I plan to work out at least 2-3 times a week.
  • Eat more veggies and drink more water. Gracious, I remember making fun of my mom for telling us to do this when we were kids. Hello, full circle! Rachel Hollis talks about drinking half her body weight in water and eating veggies as half her food. I am working on adopting the water idea and at least upping my intake of veggies.
  • Dates with Ty. We started this late last year, but I can tell it is going to be so important to schedule regular dates. We’re in a hard season with two littles and full time jobs and cows and…and…and… We’ve got to be intentional about time together. I am hoping for one date a month, with at least 3 overnight dates this year.
  • Read (listen to) 10 books. I have a list of about 100 on my “want to read” list, so I can’t wait to dive in!
  • Give back. This is something so important to us. It looks different each year, but we plan to look for more opportunities to give. We plan to start by sponsoring a snack pack kiddo in our area this year.
  • Be present with the kids. It’s so easy to go go go trying to get dinner and baths and lunches packed that I blink and realize I didn’t spend any quality time with the kids. I want to focus on intentionally being present with them. No phone, no worrying about the to do list, just taking time to play with and love on these two little miracles (or tornadoes depending on the day!)
  • Hike Palo Duro Canyon. This doesn’t really fit the word or the verse but dang it, I have had it on my list and failed to do it for two years so it is happening in 2018!!

What are your goals? What is your word?

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