My New Favorite Cookbook

So after Jamie Ivey had the authors of From Freezer to Table: 75+ Simple, Whole Foods Recipes for Gathering, Cooking, and Sharing on her show, I decided I had to order myself the book for Christmas.  It arrived and I could not be more excited. These recipes are made with fresh ingredients and aren’t the typical mushy, nasty freezer casseroles that you might think of.  Ha!

I’ve already made two recipes and plan on making a third tonight!  Plus….I’ve got three meals in the freezer waiting for a weeknight when it’s complete chaos and I don’t have time to cook.


The book says their sauce is way better than what you can get in the jar at the store….but I was skeptical.  Um….they’re right.  It was super easy to make the marinara in the crockpot and it really was delicious!  I put in a few more spices because I like spicy sauce and I also finely chopped some spinach to sneak in there because my kids refuse to eat veggies unless I hide them.  Anyone else?  Anyone?  One recipe was enough for dinner that night, and I’ve got two gallon freezer bags ready to go in the freezer!


Next up…meatballs.  These were delicious.  I added spinach again and no one noticed.  We ate about half the recipe and I froze the other half of the sauce so next week, I’ll just thaw, heat, and make some noodles.

Baked Pink Pasta

I really, really liked this recipe!  It was quick and easy (you actually can use some of your frozen marinara that you’ve got stored and add it to a quick alfredo sauce recipe that’s in the book.  It has Italian sausage and (of course because you see a pattern here) I added spinach.  You could easily add other veggies or use a different meat if you wanted.  I made one that we ate that day and popped another in the freezer.

How to Order

Here’s a link to order this cookbook (and if you use this I’ll get a tiny bit of credit for referring!):  From Freezer to Table: 75+ Simple, Whole Foods Recipes for Gathering, Cooking, and Sharing.  You’ll thank me for sure!

Oh, I also ordered some great freezer containers for freezing these meals (recommended by the book authors)!  Here’s a link for those: Anchor Hocking 3-Quart Glass Baking Dish with Green TrueFit Lid

Now….get to ordering and when you cook something let me know how it was so I can add it to my list next!

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