Being Pro-Life

The baby started screaming before the plane even left the gate. I couldn’t help but feel for the poor Mama who no doubt was doing everything she could to calm her little one down.

About that time a middle-aged lady next to me made some rude remark about parents being able to control their children. And she rolled her eyes or grunted every time that poor baby made a sound the rest of the flight.

As I left the parking lot, I saw the grouchy lady driving away. In a car with a pro-life bumper sticker on it. And it took all I had in me not to chase her down and have a little chat about what I think pro-life really means.

It’s not only pro-unborn baby in the womb. That would be “pro-unborn baby in the womb.” Pro-life means pro-unborn baby and crying baby on an airplane. It means being pro-cart full of kids in Wal-Mart and pro-snotty nosed kid jumping up and down at the other end of your church pew. Pro-family with eight kids and family with an only child. It means pro-Mamas who chose life despite their difficult circumstances. It means pro-parents who are doing the best they can but you know what? Toddlers, man!

Think about that–particularly if you profess this pro-life belief–the next time you start to grumble or judge or roll your eyes.

Let’s all support one another. Thanks be to God for every life.


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