Prepping Smoothie Packets

(Post contains an affiliate link, so if you want to order the blender I mention, use the link and I’ll get a tiny kickback.)

I don’t know about you guys, but mornings are a dang struggle at our house. And honestly, I just don’t seem to have the time (or free hands) to get smoothie ingredients gathered and blended.

I got a great new Ninja Professional Blender (BL610) for Christmas, so I decided it was time to figure out a method of making these morning smoothies happen.

I knew that for this to actually work, I needed to do a little meal prep and put together smoothie packs one weekend that I could use during the week. With everything already measured and put in a baggie ahead of time, I just dump them in my blender, add juice, and run.

I did some Pinterest research about the best way to do this and came up with the following recipe.

1C spinach (or kale or other green)

1C frozen fruit (any kind is good, I included strawberries, blueberries, oranges, pineapple, apple, etc)

1/2 banana

2 cubes Greek yogurt (I need some protein in my smoothie but don’t love powders. So I bought a tub of Greek yogurt and put it into an ice cube tray so I would have individual cubes.)

So…a couple hacks.

First, instead of a messy process, I just poured all the yogurt in a bag, clipped the end, and piped it into an ice cube tray.

Second, I have fresh fruit or spinach that is about to go bad, I pop it in the freezer. Because is this, I had a ton of the necessary ingredients ready to go!

Just with the stuff I had frozen previously and had in my freezer, I ended up wth 10 packets.

Here’s the stash of finished packets.

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