Bonded Together

I’ve been following along with the story of a baby named Cash on Facebook for about 4 months.  I don’t know him or his family, but we have some mutual friends who share posts asking to pray for him.  He was born with some serious medical issues related to his heart.  He fought and fought and just when things would really look up, it seemed like it was two steps back.  His doctors were hopeful he could receive a heart transplant and the family was preparing for that, but then things took a turn for the worst.

Last week, his mama posted on Facebook that Cash would not make it.  He was no longer healthy enough to be a candidate for a heart transplant.  His family decided to gather together in his room, have him baptized, and let him go.  She posted the most precious picture of him holding his teddy bear.

And I just lost it.  Right there in my office I could not stop crying.  And please understand, I’m not a crier.  At all.  But my heart just broke into a million pieces for this family.  And then I was so flooded with gratefulness for the healthy children I’ve been given and the fact that I so take that for granted.

I texted some of the prayer warriors I know to ask them to pray for Cash and his family and told them that although I didn’t know them, I was just crushed.  My friend Audrey wrote back with the most beautiful response: “Amazing how when you pray for someone, your heart is bonded to them.”

What a beautiful thought–that by praying for others, even people whom we may not know–our hearts are bonded to theirs.  Prayers matter, I know that.  They may not change a tragic situation.  They may not be answered the way we want.  But I know without a shadow of a doubt they help to provide strength and peace and comfort to those for whom they are offered.  Thank God for that.

Baby Cash went to Heaven on Friday. Please keep praying for his family.

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