Real Life Love

Here is our Valentine’s Day photo this year.

We’re both exhausted because, toddlers, man.  He’s about to head out of town to the stock show at San Antonio.  I’m about to haul kids to my folks and then hit the friendly skies to Dallas.  There was no romance.  There were no gifts.  But there was real life love.

The kind of love that looks like me picking up his dry cleaning. The kind of love where he sweeps the kitchen floor before I got home from work.  It’s me taking care of paying the bills while he always makes sure the grass is mowed.  Real life love looks like being able to talk about anything and knowing you’ve got someone in your corner come what may.  It’s rubbing his tired shoulders, and putting medicine on the shingles I can’t reach on my back, and working hard to make things work every single day.

It may not be the things movies are written of, and it won’t find its way onto a Hallmark card.  But I sure am grateful for what this real life love of ours has allowed us to build.

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