February Summary

Favorite Quote

“If there isn’t room at the table for everyone, then we are at the wrong table.” –Elyse Snipes

Podcast Perfection

    • The Big Boo Cast Episodes #93 and 94.  First off, Melanie and Sophie are absolutely hilarious.  But in these two episodes, they talk quite a bit about marriage and man alive, I just thought it was really good stuff.
    • Jamie Ivey on the Goal Digger Podcast.  Listen up.  Two of my favorite podcast hosts were on the same show!  Jamie did an interview with Jenna talking about Jamie’s new book, If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Becoming Free.
    • Jamie Ivey on the That Sounds Fun Podcast.  Jamie and Annie were together on this one and, again, it was great stuff.
    • Radio Lab: The Gun Show. Okay, up front, the undertone of this is probably fairly liberal so you uber conservatives who I love be warned. But this is a fascinating look into the history and legal issues about the Second Amendment. Legal nerds will love it.

Making Memories

  • The Donut Incident. One Friday, Braun snuck out of his class at school. The teachers found him in the office where they had leftover donuts from a teachers meeting, helping himself and packing one to go!
  • The kids celebrated Valentine’s Day several times, with a dinner at Nana’s house, a party at school, and a tea party at Nan and Grandad’s.

  • We made a couple of trips to the farm where there was lots of time spent working on Grandad’s tractors and seeing the baby lambs.

Links Worth Looking

  • Firefighters Honor Fallen Fan.  I’m not a crier.  But there are two things that get me every time:  Military homecoming video and funeral tributes.  So when a 47-year-old man with Down’s Syndrome passed away and his assisted living asked for 6 firefighters to come carry his casket, and 30 of them showed up, forget it.  Cue the tears.


  • Both kids had a really strange 3 hour stomach bug. Of course, Harper got sick the day before I left on an important work trip. Then whilst on said trip, I ended up getting my turn with this nasty illness.  The following day, Ty got his go-round.  I think we are finally on the mend here now, but that was a doozy!
  • My computer crashed and I quickly learned the importance of an organized back up system. The hard way.

Bookworm Report

Forks and Knives

Our only new meal this month was the mini quiche recipe, which you’ve already read about here.

Braun did discover a love for burritos-breakfast or regular-so that’s been good!

Work Highlights

I got word that I got two grants funded and I am really excited about the projects that will let me do over the next 18 months!

I held my 7th Ranchers Leasing Workshop here in Texas and we packed 95 people into the 1901 built Ag Hall in Cat Spring. It was a great event.

Date Night

Once again, true to form, we ended up doing a date lunch one day. This season of life is chaos and we take what we can get!  We had a nice lunch at a steakhouse here in Amarillo.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t do well here this month. I only made it to adoration once and just didn’t do well at making more time for Sabbath.


I was supposed to go to Florida, but a cancelled flight changed those plans. Airlines!

I made one trip to the Metroplex for two presentations.  While I was there, I got to grab lunch with my dear friend and former college judging teammate, Robyn!  I always adore getting to catch up to her.

I also made a trip to Central Texas where I spoke in Waco.  Obviously, I had to swing by The Silos for one of Jojo’s Shiplap cupcakes!


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