Recipe Card: Bacon Parmesan Brussels Sprouts

Last fall, I went to Louisville for the American Ag Law Association Conference. While there, we ate at Guy Fieri’s restaurant and I had the Brussels sprouts, which were unreal.

It wasn’t even a week later that I had found a recipe online, tweaked a little bit, and began making them all.the.time.

Now, when I first made them for a church pot luck, my husband was pretty unsure. But I got several compliments and the pan was gone. And remember, I live in meat-and-potato Texas!

Bacon and Parmesan Brussels Sprouts


3/4 pound Brussels sprouts

1/2 pound bacon (or you can use the store-bought bacon pieces, but real is better)

2T butter (or you can use 2T olive oil)

Ground pepper

1/4 C grated Parmesan


Heat oven to 350 and line 9×11 pan with cooking spray.

Chop bacon into small pieces and cook until done. Remove from pan and drain grease.

Remove ends from Brussels sprouts and then chop (I cut each one into about four pieces).

Put bacon, Brussels sprouts, butter or oil, black pepper and Parmesan together in bowl and mix well.

Place mixture in baking dish. Bake until beginning to brown and crisp (about 20 minutes).


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