The Ten Thousand

In honor of my daughter on International Women’s Day.

I love the poem from Maya Angelou where she says that she comes as one but she stands as ten thousand, representing her mother and grandmothers and all her grandmothers before.

Oh, sweet Harper. You come from long lines of strong women. Women who fought and loved and beat the odds. Women who raised families and built careers and left amazing legacies. Women who have prayed their families through and who were known for their wit and who make a mean casserole.

And my hope for you is that you never doubt your strength. That you chase your dreams without fear of failure or judgement. That you never worry about being too much or not enough.

So I pray that you live and love and fight. Be exactly who you are. And always know that you may come alone, but you do not stand that way. You have the power of the ten thousand that came before you and stand with you.

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