Bucket List Checkmark: The Polar Plunge

Our friend Don is in his 70s. He has said for a couple of years that he wanted to do the Polar Plunge at Conchas Lake. It was on his bucket list. Well, he mentioned something to my Aunt Elaine and me about it and next thing you know, we were signed up for the chaos! We’ve never seen a bucket list we didn’t like.

We all met at the lake at Aunt Elaine’s house and had green chile bacon cheese burgers before the big Plunge. We decided if we were to have a heart attack or something, we weren’t going out hungry like a bunch of chumps.

After lunch, we headed for the beach. I was shocked at how many people were there. I bet there were 25 Plungers and maybe 100 spectators.

When it was time to plunge, off we went. It didn’t even feel cold…because instead it just felt like pain. Forty degree water. F.O.R.T.Y. Did you ever have to stick an ankle in an ice bucket? Imagine that feeling on your whole body. But anything for a bucket list check mark, right?

About waist deep, Don turned to me and said, “Let’s get the hell out of here!” So we did.

But turns out, we had to plunge again after they took up a collection. The second time, Aunt Elaine and I got in to our shoulders, while Don waited for us to get the hell out again.

What we did not expect was Braun wanting to participate. He absolutely loved it and spent more time than anyone in the water. Now he keeps telling everyone, “I a Polar Plunger!”

He also celebrated the completion of the event with a Popsicle. Or three. Because, you know, he wasn’t cold.

In the end, we are pretty sure we had the oldest and youngest participants. I love anyone with a goal, even one as crazy as running into 40 degree water. I’m glad I got to be a part of it!

One thought on “Bucket List Checkmark: The Polar Plunge

  1. Good job, guys! Ava watched the videos with me and asked what you guys were doing. When I told her you were playing in cold water she said, “That little boy and his Mama are saying Brrrr!” She’s full of admiration for how tough you guys are. 🙂


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