Running My Race

My kids will never have monogrammed Easter basket covers. Harper does not wear cute bows (unless the sweet teachers at her school fix her hair.) I don’t do fancy pants birthday parties with color coordinated decor. And if Braun wants to wear his pj pants with his dinosaur rain boots to school, well, go for it, son.

But man, it’s easy to look around on social media and feel like I am the only one who doesn’t do it all. It’s so easy to take my eyes off my own lane and try to run someone else’s race.

Photo by the ever-talented Britt Fisk Photography.

I may not do it all, but I love these little people hard. And I do my best to give them fun experiences like Polar Plunges, and working cows, and work trips with Mom. We sing every morning in the way to school and play toys every night. We talk about all the things we are grateful for.

God chose me to be their Mama, and He knew full well I wouldn’t do color coordinated outfits and fancy birthday banners. Because of that, I refuse to waste time and energy trying to run someone else’s race. I’m just grateful for the lane I am in and doing my best to run strong.

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