The Picture in My Head

Years ago, I turned down a high-power, big law job in San Francisco. Oh, but I loved that city. The way the fog rolled in off the Pacific. The smell of Fisherman’s Wharf. Breakfast on the sidewalk in North Beach. That job came with a six-figure salary and the promise of a fancy apartment and expensive shoes.

But when I decided that just wasn’t the life for me, it was because I couldn’t get this picture of of my head.

Wide open spaces. Land to call our own. Good cows. Little people and a little pony. A husband feeding sheep. A career where most of my time is spent with people in boots and cowboy hats. Just a quiet life in a small town.

Ten years ago when I made my decision to turn down one dream for another, I had no indication that this life would come to be. I just had to trust, pray, and go after a dream.

So for those of you with pictures in your head, dreams you can’t let go of, crazy ideas that may seem impossible…go for it. Take the leap. Work your tail off. Trust in what your heart says.

Sometimes, we get that picture in our head after all.

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