Funny Conversations with Braun (Episode 1)

Me:  Okay, let’s talk about the things we are thankful for tonight.
Braun:  Thank you God for donuts!  Thank you God for pancakes!  Thank you God for tv!

Driving down the road, out of the blue…
Braun:  Grandad.  He’s a pretty good guy.

Sheep shearer:  Would it be okay if I use your restroom?
Nan (my mom):  Sure, it’s down the hall to the left.
Braun:  Hey!  He’s gotta go poop!

I didn’t get laundry folded on Easter Sunday, so we slept in our guest bed.
Ty:  Did you know Braun is in our bed?
Me:  {Looking around} No, he’s not.
Ty:  No, the other bed.

Me:  Hail Mary,
Braun:  Full of Grace.
Me:  Good job!
Braun:  No…full of GAS!  Mary full of gas! {laughs hysterically at himself}

I left the room for 2 minutes the day before Easter.
Me:  What in the world happened here?
Braun:  We needed to get the white Easter eggs!

At the Polar Plunge:
Braun:  I want to go swimming!
Me: The water is cold!
Braun:  It’s NOT cold!  I a polar plunger!

I got new glasses last week. I didn’t say anything about it in front of Braun at all. But I walked into his school to pick him up and before I got through the door he said, “Those are not your glasses!”


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