To My Teachers…

It’s teacher appreciation week. Everyone’s posts on Facebook have had me thinking about all of the men and women who took the time to invest in my education and what a difference they made.

My middle school typing teacher with whom I credit my class rank in law school and my grade school teachers who encouraged me to love learning and not be embarrassed to do my best. From my college professor who encouraged us to dream big and question our beliefs to my high school Spanish teacher who treated me like her own kid and signed every permission slip I forgot at home. To the coach who taught me in drivers ed and the one who made me a starter for heart over talent. The law school professor who got me my first legal job by calling in a favor and my Civ Pro professor who was one of the first females in the field. I am thankful even for the teacher who wrongfully accused me of cheating and taught me to stand up for myself. And while not teachers, I cannot forget the school secretaries who loved me and promised they would not let me fail if I skipped out on running track my senior year because they entered the grades. And, of course, the ag teacher who was just one of my favorite people in the world, who managed to teach me all about life when I thought we were learning about chickens, and after whom this little boy of mine was named.

I would not be who I am today without each of these people. Without their love and encouragement and dedication. They are underpaid and overlooked, but I sure hope they know what differences they make!

So to my teachers (and secretaries), thank you for being you and for your investment in me!


2 thoughts on “To My Teachers…

  1. Seriously, every day I remember my teachers. Who and where would I be without them? You are correct about the office secretaries who make everything bearable. My school nurse in junior high was my advocate when I desperately needed one.


  2. P.S.
    I did not post this at 4:16 a.m. , as the tag says. ( because a teacher taught me to tell time. That’s ANOTHER story.)


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