Potty Training Experience

Well. We have potty trained a toddler. What approach did we use, you ask? What tips do we have, you wonder? I basically have no idea how it happened.

Here is the extent of what I know.

1. We waited until he was ready. Then waited about 4 more months. Not because we read this or had any sort of data to support it. It was mostly because I was so freaking tired I couldn’t deal with it. But when in the same week he told his teacher, “Hey I pooped you need to change my diaper” and at home managed to take his own diaper off, poop in the potty, then put it back on, I decided things were getting out of hand.

2. We got him around other kids who are potty trained. Over the summer, he is in a class with mostly older kids at school. He was one of the only ones wearing a diaper. I think this probably helped as much as anything.

3. Buy cool undies. We went for Paw Patrol over here and made a big deal about how cool they were. He still giggles when he puts them on.

4. Have a stubborn child. God just blessed me with this one. Not sure where he got it from? But the first day he wore undies he told us adamantly that he did not wear diapers anymore! My plan had been to put one on at night but he had such a terrible screaming, crying meltdown that I gave up and resigned myself to washing sheets. And now, almost two weeks later, he has never wet the bed. He drew his own line in the sand.

So, there you have it. I am enjoying only having one child in diapers again for the first time in 20 months. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Potty Training Experience

  1. This is how we train! We try and then when it fails after a day or so, we give up and try again months later. And then at some point they basically make up their minds they don’t want to be in diapers and we are good to go! ha! Yay for Braun! and Mom and Dad! Seriously, it’s way more work on me to clean up messes than them to make the messes. No thank you! 🙂


  2. Good pointers all around! With my son, I thought it would be a struggle but when I put the big boy undies on him he just instantly had it- never had an accident! Could have knocked me over with a feather!


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