Frog Hunt

I am always in the lookout for little adventures to take the kids on that are cheap, easy, make no mess, and fun. So one night when we saw a frog outside, we decided to plan a frog hunt for the next night. (Actually, the first night we were outside letting Braun pee off the porch because, we’re country like that, and he thought it was funny to try and pee on a frog…)

Anyhow, the frog hunt.  The kids talked about it all day. We had to wait for dark. Then we needed a flashlight. We dressed in our jammies and shoes and set out.

Fortunately, we quickly found a big toad in the front yard and chased him into a corner to examine him closer.

Mama touched him. Harper got close. Braun would only touch with his foot. After lots of talking and examining, we let him go to eat some bugs for dinner.

We spent $0 and 15 minutes on a frog hunt adventure the kids are still talking about. Sometimes, we make parenting (and life) too complicated. We think things have to be Pinterest perfect when, in reality, a flashlight and a frog will do just fine.

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