2018 Fourth Report

We had the best Fourth of July this year. Nothing fancy, just a really good day spending time together.

We kicked things off with donuts for breakfast and then headed to Main Street for the parade.

There is just something about a small town parade that I absolutely love, as we previously discussed in this blog post.

Then the candy started flying and I was snapped out of my trance and got to work! Two full gallon freezer bags later, the kids were pretty pleased with their loot.

Next up, we headed to the town square. We opted to skip the mile-long line for turkey legs (which smelled amazing) and instead let the kids jump on the bouncy houses and ride the little train.

After lunch and done down time, the kids and I whipped up some Fourth of July cookies to take to the bbq we were invited to.

I only get crafty about once a year–here it is. Homemade sugar cookies with homemade cream cheese frosting topped with fruit. (Recipe coming soon!)

Then we wrapped up the day with a bbq and some fireworks with friends.

We are so grateful for our independence and those who have fought and sacrificed to protect it!

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