A Pretty Perfect Morning

By 10:00 in the morning, the wheels had fallen off the wagon. Someone had wet the bed overnight. No one wanted breakfast. A fit was had when we turned Dora off. Harper had bit Braun. Hands had been in the toilet. And we had failed to get ready to go to church on time.

In an attempt to just survive, I got the kids dressed, grabbed buckets at the barn, and declared we were going on a walk to see what we could find. Two kids and a cat set out for adventure.

Sticks. Pine cones. Weeds.

About halfway through the walk, Braun looked at me and said, “mama, this is a pretty perfect morning.”

Sunshine. Fresh air. Time together.

I would have called the morning a lot of words other than perfect. That little boy offered a good reminder that little things can make days great. Kids know that, adults forget. Here’s to finding the little things that make even crazy days perfect this week.

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