Better Skiers

Years ago, I read a blog post and the reader talked about how when you are snow skiing, you should always try and ski with better skiers than yourself. If the people around you are more talented, it pushes you to work harder, to risk more, and to become better.

Talk about a metaphor that applies to life. I think about the female friends in my own life–all so vastly different from one another–who are better skiers than me.

Some are old, some are single, many have kids, others never want to. Some live on ranches and others in cities. They look and love and vote and worship and believe different than each other. But in being themselves, they push and inspire me to be a better version of myself.

The woman who opened her home to foster children from the most broken of places. The business owners killing it and making a name for themselves. The friends who are waiting–for graduation or for a husband or for a baby–but still living their lives to the absolute fullest in this season. The friend with six babies (and another on the way) who exemplifies grace and openness to life. The friends who pray without ceasing at a moment’s notice when the phone rings. The working mamas who are just doing the best they can to have on matching shoes each day at the office. The girl who has constantly been open and honest about motherhood, post-partum, and giving birth and, in doing so, probably saved my sanity. My friend with a PhD making her mark and gaining respect in a man’s world. Two of my favorite ladies, a generation ahead of me, who I consider some of my dearest friends and most trusted advisors. My friend who is constantly working to motivate others to be their best selves. My friend working two jobs and raising three kids and still makes time to work on improving herself. My friends who run marathons. My friend who perfectly decorates for every single holiday. My friend who keeps hear heart open and shows grace even to those who refuse to do the same to her.

Think about your fellow skiers on your mountain. Be sure they are better than you. Be sure they make you want to go faster and farther and to just be a better version of you. And, in turn, you will be a better skier for everyone around you.

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