“Super Mom”

Recently, I took my two toddlers on a work trip with me. Not just any work trip…it was a trip to what would be the biggest speaking gig of my career to date. And the trip required flying alone with the two toddlers, navigating baggage claims, a rental car bus, and a three hour drive. Bless it.

Several people commented that they didn’t know how I did it, that I made it look easy, that I was “Super Mom.” And as sweet as those comments were, let me take a minute here to set the record straight.

It was not easy.

At one point on the trip, I either lost (or thought I lost) my driver’s license, my wedding ring, my laptop, my phone cord, my phone, and my debit card. I’m not kidding. (All we’re found, thank you.) There was more than one attempt to swim in the hotel lobby fountain and a way-too-close moment with a fire alarm. We won’t even think about things that were touched or licked in the airport bathroom.

Can I tell you something?

At least once a day, I feel like other people are just better at this Mom thing than me. Like it is easier for them or that they know something I don’t. Like there was some maternal gene I just missed.

And almost all of the time I feel as though I am not doing enough anywhere–work, home, exercise, marriage, faith–and instead am barely hanging on everywhere.

The truth of it is, we are all just doing the best we can. There are no secrets. There are no short cuts. I doubt anyone would ever call motherhood easy.

And you want to know who is “Super Mom?” Every. Single. Mom.

The working moms and the stay at home moms. The ones who feed their kids homemade baby food and the ones whose kids know the Chikfila menu by heart. The ones who make homemade birthday cakes and the ones who have nannies and the ones whose kids have matching outfits and the ones (like me) whose kids don’t even wear pants.

God chose you to be the mom for your babies because you have the gifts they are going to need.

Quit comparing. Quit competing. Quit believing lies.

If you love your kids and are doing the best you can, you are Super Mom. Period.

One thought on ““Super Mom”

  1. This is so great to read.
    Without my glasses, I though you were frying alone with 2 toddlers.
    Aptly enough, Freudian slip. Then the lost and found items that are the equivalent of a flint to start a fire. My favorite: what was touched and licked in public restrooms.
    Thank you, Tiffany.


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