How I Earned $200 Cash by Shopping

So year-round, I do certain little things to earn cash-back from about 4 different apps.  I cash them out every year at Christmas to help a bit with the shopping.  None of it is super hard to do, just takes a bit of time before or while you shop.  Some are in store, some online.  This year, that turned into over $200!

As you’ll see below, if you just sign up for these four and use them one time each, you’ll get $30.

Here’s the scoop.

Ebates.  (Referral link here).

I know I keep talking about it, but this is hands down the easiest way to earn cash if you shop online.  All you do is just install the little Ebates button on your browser, and then you click on it to activate cash back before you shop at any online store.  It’s that easy.  I do this all the time at places like Shutterfly, Carters, Target, etc.  I have also found it super lucrative when I book hotel rooms for work.They mail you a check every quarter.

In 2018 alone, I earned over $260 cash back on purchases I’m making anyway.

If you are signing up, I’d appreciate you using my referral code (just click here) and I’ll get a referral credit and you’ll get $10 after your first rebate.  It’s that easy!

Ibotta.  (Referral code hcixwgc).

This is an app on my phone that I use for grocery shopping.  They have a ton of stores including Wal-Mart, Target, United (our local grocery store), etc.  You just go into the app and scroll through the different cash back offers they have available in your particular store.

For example, maybe you need bananas and they’re offering $.25 cash back on bananas.  You just click to unlock that offer, scan you receipt when you’re paid out, and bam.  Money in your account.

You can cash out for gift cards or they’ll put it in your PayPal or Venmo account  once you’ve earned at least $20.

In 2018, I earned just over $60.00 from Ibotta.

I’ve got a referral code there too, so if you go sign up and it asks you, put in hcixwgc.  I’ll get $5 and you’ll get a $10 bonus for signing up after you first rebate.

Checkout 51.  (Referral code here.)

This is similar to Ibotta, but it doesn’t separate offers out by store.  Instead, you just get the app, scroll through offers, select any you want, and then scan your receipt when you’re done.  Personally, I tend to find way more offers I use on Ibotta, but that may just be what I’m buying.

Once you get $20, you can transfer it to your PayPal account or you can get a check in the mail.

I figure it’s worth a quick scroll before I hit the grocery store in and the last year, I earned $35.00.

One more referral code for you…if you sign up, click here and we’ll both get a $5 credit. (Code is luHI80Mi0R).

FetchRewards.  (Referral Code N2AAP).

Last but not least, is the FetchRewards app. Plus side of this one, you don’t have to go scroll to select offers.  You just scan your receipt when you’re done shopping and it awards you points.  Just for scanning a receipt, you get 25 points.  If you buy certain qualifying items, those give you more points.

When you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem them in the form of gift cards.

I earned $15 worth this year.  So…while it’s the easiest app to use, it pays the least.  Still worth it, in my opinion.

Last referral code is N2AAP and that will get each of us 2,000 points (which is about $2.00 worth of gift card).

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