Not My Gifts

I can’t make myself feel guilty over something God hasn’t gifted me with.” -Jamie Ivey

My favorite podcaster said this today and I tell you what, that quote spoke right to my heart.

There are so many gifts that I have, but there are a lot that I do not.

I don’t want to be a stay at home mom. I’m never going to have my hair and make up done up perfect. I have no desire to deal with decorations for any event. My daughter doesn’t wear bows and I don’t buy monogrammed matching outfits.

Instead of beating myself up over those things, I just need to realize that God didn’t intend for me to do them, and that’s ok.

The next time I feel that pressure, get caught up in the comparison game, or fall into the Mom guilt trap, I’m repeating Jamie’s quote to myself and letting it go!

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