It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

We did a bit of Christmas decorating and baking over the last few weeks.

First up, Ty and Braun thought it would be fun to make a tumbleweed tree in the front yard. I like to call it our West Texas Christmas Tree. It actually does look pretty with all the lights on it!

The West Texas tumbleweed tree lasted about a week before blowing away. It was a good run.

Inside, we put up our tree.

I have a bunch of beautiful glass ornaments, but we left them in the box for another year as we’re just not to that chapter yet. Instead, we decorated mostly with little homemade ornaments from my Dad’s cousin. She makes them and sends them with her Christmas card. We look forward to adding one every year! I also always get out our yearly photo ornaments and we added one for 2018 as well.

Since Braun was born, each year we have started an Advent practice of giving the kids a gift with Christmas jammies and a Christmas book. I really love this little tradition and hope we can continue it each year!

This year, these matching Santa jammies were tucked in my Christmas decorations box…I think someone gave them to us last year and they fit just perfect!

Our book this year was This Is the Christmas Story from She Reads Truth. I couldn’t love it more–the illustrations are awesome, the telling of the story is precious, and I just love it.

As I previously blogged about, we are very into nativity sets this year. In addition to My Gran’s and growing one from Harper’s sweet Godparents, my friend Maddie sent this kids the absolute best Christmas gift…a nativity of their own! They love it!

Finally, what would the holidays be without a bit of baking? We whipped up some homemade sugar cookies and then the kids decorated with store-bought icing. They had a ball…Mom didn’t think it was that fun. Ha!

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