Our Top 5 Favorite Toddler Christmas Books

This post does contain some affiliate links, meaning I get a bit of compensation if you order using the links included. All opinions are my own (or really those of my toddlers!)

We love Christmas books. Love them. Every year, the kids get to open a present to kick off Advent that includes new Christmas pjs and a new Christmas book. Now that they are starting to get a bit older, it’s been so much fun to see them learning parts is the Christmas story from these books!

Here are our Top 5 Toddler Christmas Books.  If you want to order, just click on the title and it will take you right to them!

This is the Christmas Story from She Reads Truth

I adore this book. It is beautiful, illustrations are wonderful, it’s rooted in truth and gives a quick, child-friendly overview of the Bible. This was our Advent book this year and we have gladly read it every night. 5 stars! (Also–this is written in a way that works for toddlers or much older kiddos–I sent one to my 7 year old God Daughter.)

Little Blue Truck’s Christmas

We love anything having to do with Little Blue and his friendly, purring engine. This book is really cute, has helped Harper with her counting, and has a twinkling Christmas tree at the end.

The Animals’ Christmas Eve (Little Golden Book)

This may be my favorite. Maybe it’s because I have always spent a good part of Christmas Eve in a barn myself, so I feel there is something sacred there. Anyways, this book is sweet and precious. The animals share the Christmas story. Everyone needs a copy.

Tractor Mac Saves Christmas

Look, this involves a tractor. That’s enough to make us love it over here in our house. Braun would probably tell you this is his favorite.

Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List

This isn’t any sort of moving, meaningful writing…but I’ve got a Peppa-obsessed two-year-old and in order to be true to her favorite book, his one has to make the list.

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