A Reminder from a Syrian Baby

It’s easy to be cynical. To look at the broken world we live in and wonder if anything we do makes a difference. Can we actually help people, or are we just spinning our wheels? There are so many problems and so many tragedies and it’s impossible to fix it all.

I felt that way about the refugee crisis in Syria. That’s why we adopted a family. And I felt double that way when the organization we worked through was shut down. It seemed like a sad, broken, failure. We didn’t do enough and couldn’t do more. I was heartbroken.

Then, just days before Christmas, the phone rang. It was the Syrians. Through their broken English and my Google Translate and lots of waiving and thumbs up, I learned the reason for their call.

There was a new baby I needed to meet. A beautiful, chubby-cheeked, black haired little girl.

Never doubt that your attempts at kindness make a difference. Don’t question if doing something for one person can change the world. Keep looking for opportunities to give and love and help wherever you can.

Please believe, despite all the brokenness we cannot fix, that God will use your faithful attempt to help–however small– for good.

And if you need a reminder, think about a sweet Syrian baby named…Tiffany.

My namesake. A world away. In a situation where I thought I had failed in my attempt to make a difference.

God uses our faithful attempts at kindness to do so much more that we could ask or imagine. It’s a lesson I feel He has been teaching me for years and one now that I can never forget. Thanks be to God.

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