Turkey Broth

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I’m seriously overly proud of this little project. You’ll be underwhelmed, I’m sure.

After Thanksgiving, my friend, Lauren, posted about making turkey broth. I was intrigued and loved the idea of making my own broth to use in different recipes that call for chicken stock. I love feeling like I don’t waste any part of the turkey, the broth is better and healthier than what I buy at the store, and it’s free!

When my friend, Jim, sent us a smoked turkey for Christmas, I knew I had my chance.

After we cut the meat off the bird, I set out to work. I put most of the carcass in a big pot–the former poultry judger in me will spare you the details–and filled it up with water. I added in hopes carrots and celery. Then in went salt, pepper, garlic, parsley, rosemary, and minced onion.

I put the lid on and cooked it for about 6 hours on the stove.

Here was my result–lots of yummy broth is ready for cooking!

The only supplies you need are some sort of container. I like these Ball Quart Jar, Wide Mouth, Set of 24, but you can use anything! If you use the jars, leave at least an inch at the top of you plan to freeze.

I basically feel like a cross between a pioneer woman and Betty Crocker now and can’t wait to use this in my next recipe!

2 thoughts on “Turkey Broth

  1. Over the decades, I too have engaged in this wholesome endeavor and that was before Bone Broth was the panacea to all ills. In our household, we referred to my processing the carcass as The Donald Wellborn Turkey Thing : Donald loved puttering in the kitchen. The more intense and fundamental cooking was the better he liked it, so boiling turkey bones was highly favored. Carry on!


  2. Addendum:
    We just use gallon Zip lock bags, but they are probably considered poison now . Plus, the canning jars look so domestic and Old School.


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