My Word for 2019


I’ve decided that rest will be my word for 2019. I’m not a good rester. And for the last two, three, maybe all my years, I’ve hustled and pushed and gotten things done.

But this year? I am making time to rest. I am traveling less for work. I am going to adoration more. I am writing fewer articles and making more time to get my toes painted red. I’m worrying less about my to-do list and more about the stories I read my kids at bedtime. I’m making time for my runs more consistently and resolving not to feel guilty about that. I’m spending more weekends at the lake.

Of course, there will still be times to hustle and goals to accomplish. I just trust that by taking care of myself I will be better able to do them.

I am intentionally focusing on slowing down, embracing to silence, sitting in some quiet, and restoring my soul. So let’s do this, 2019!

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