Dreaming Big in 2019

Let no one ever again say we dreamed too small.” -Fr. John Jenkins

I love goals. I love lists. So writing down my goals each year is high on my list of fun things.

I recently realized, though, I aim too small to be sure I don’t fail. I set attainable goals for the number of my blog subscribers. In fact, I more than doubled my goal last year. I am careful to not aim too high for the number of books I will read or distance I will run. I decided to change that this year.

I reluctantly listed “be on the Live Your Story Podcast” to the list because I was sure I would fail. I love this show focusing on women in agriculture. I had no idea how I could achieve that goal, but I wrote it down and focused on putting it out there in the universe.

Today, only three days later, the host, , whom I have never met except for Instagram comments, asked me to be on the show.

Okay, God. I see what you did there and I appreciate your kindness in this lesson. I’m committed to dreaming bigger and aiming higher in 2019. Are you with me?

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