The Word of God and Peppa Pig

When I heard Tara-Leigh Cobble talking about reading the Bible in a year by committing just 20 minutes a day, which could even be done all audio, I knew I wanted to join in!

As soon as I committed, I instantly worried about the weekends.

I knew exactly how I could work in 20 minutes a day when I am driving to work, but I’m weekends, there are lots of times I can’t even get 2 minutes to pee by myself!

Yesterday, when I was doing my reading, Harper wanted to join me. So, I read my Bible and she drew in her Peppa book and it was the sweetest Bible time I have had so far!

It was a good reminder for me of a couple things: God’s kindness and grace, the fact that we can make time for what matters, and the fact that getting something done may not look exactly how I envision. Good lessons for more than just my Bible reading goal.

*If you want to join and read with us, it’s not too late! We are doing the chronological reading plan on The Bible App. I’m also listening to The Bible Recap podcast. And, lastly, I’m in a Facebook group for women–there are about 25 of us–doing this together and discussing. I’d be glad to add anyone who wants in.

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