Valentine’s Day Box Lessons

I hate craft projects. All of them. Even something that I feel like I should enjoy–like making a vision board–makes me feel sweaty when I think about having to actually do it. Craftiness is just not my gift And I’m comfortable enough with that not to try and pretend.

So when I realized the kids would both need Valentine’s Day boxes for school, I had to talk myself off a ledge. I know some people who have been working on boxes for weeks to be sure they are perfect. I just can’t do it.

Instead, I decided to just let the kids enjoy making boxes. Ty wrapped two diaper boxes in craft paper. I stripped the kids down and turned them loose with red and pink paint. When the boxes dried, they each got stickers from their favorite cartoons and I let them go to town.

The finished products sure won’t be on Pinterest. The paint colors got all jumbled up. No one kept the proper brush in the proper color, despite my suggestions. The stickers are upside down and not symmetrical and I had to just walk away as they giggled putting them on the box. Oh, and our bath tub may never lose the blush tint it currently has…

But as imperfect as those boxes may be, the kids sure had fun making them. It was something we did together. They laughed and got paint all over themselves and thought the one sheet of stickers they each got were basically gold.

It was a good reminder to me that instead of trying to make life picture perfect, I need to focus on making fun memories with the little people that matter most to me. And on Thursday when we carry these in and set them next to all the perfect ones, I’m going to be proud of what we made, boxes and memories alike.

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